As much theory as necessary, as much practice as possible - a credo that is always reflected in my seminars, webinars, trainings and in long-term cooperations. No matter whether you are a multinational corporation, a medium-sized business or a medical practice, my goal is to ensure your success in the long term, to accompany your further development and to position you in the best possible way for a secure future.

In an open, creative atmosphere, the practice comes into the (also virtual) seminar room in the form of simulations and personal exchange. Leadership training and management development, presentation and negotiation training are my hobbyhorses, but coaching and team development are also part of my area of expertise. Using various methods, such as Lego Serious Play, I bring the grey theory into practice and act as a mirror that provides orientation.


  • As a manager, I must remain or become capable of acting even in times of crisis
  • As a manager I have to develop myself and my team with regard to self-organisation
  • Teams and departments must develop in complex environments, but where to?
  • How can I generate knowledge and innovations without hierarchies?
  • How can the development of the corporate culture lead to a lived assumption of responsibility?
  • How do young managers make the leap into their new role?

The times in which employees were permanently bound to a company are over. This makes it all the more important to shine with convincing leadership qualities even in challenging and uncertain times. If the leadership is right, this has a positive effect on both employees and customers and ensures the long-term success of a company. Whether you are new to the leadership role or already an experienced manager - in my trainings I will enable you to safely fulfill your role.

  • Dictate or delegate? The model of situational leadership
  • Every man jack is different
  • Ascended and landed hard - special challenges in the professional everyday life of a manager
  • Attention emergency! The right strategies in difficult management situations
  • Encourage and challenge employees: Development measures and target agreements
  • Conflicts: on the table or under the carpet?
  • Dealing with proximity and distance - short reins or long leash?
  • Communication in everyday management - from know-how to do-how


  • Customers are not convinced by the presentation
  • I do not know how to structure a presentation clearly
  • How can I also inspire my audience with a virtual presentation?
  • What can I do against stage fright?
  • How do I deal with objections

In everyday work we are always asked to present. But content is only as convincing as the presenter is. What do you succeed at and where is there still room for improvement? In my trainings you receive honest feedback that helps you to strengthen your presentation skills. I help both beginners and professionals to achieve more stage presence and a better performance. You are a sales professional and have to present high-priced equipment that needs to be explained, you are a managing director and want to put the finishing touches to your "to new shores-speech" or are you preparing an important speech for a selected audience? Then I would be happy to be your sparring partner so that you can perform safely in front of employees, customers or business partners - whether in direct contact or in video chat.

  • Typical phases of presentations
  • Security through clear structures: Ideas for a meaningful structure of a presentation
  • Without words: stand, movement, gestures, facial expressions. Convincing body language in front of the group
  • Pure nerve: What to do in case of stage fright?
  • Title good - everything good? Achieving a big effect with just a few words
  • Learning from Henri Nannen: Making listening a pleasure
  • Dealing with objections, disruptive actions and personal attacks


  • I've always had difficult negotiators
  • How do I manage to act purposefully in the negotiation?
  • I want to negotiate better and achieve more
  • How do I negotiate safely when the partner is online?

Negotiations are an essential part of business success. For more than 20 years I have been conducting negotiation trainings - from medium-sized businesses and IT companies to large automotive groups like Daimler and pharmaceutical companies. One thing is always certain: Those who work with people must be able to negotiate. If you act constructively and convincingly in negotiations, you will ensure the success of your business.

  • Basic strategies of negotiation & the different phases of contemporary negotiation
  • effective negotiations
  • Create win-win situations: To make it 2-1 for both
  • Dealing with difficult negotiating partners & dealing constructively with objections
  • "Let's agree to differ!" - The rhetorical art of disagreeing


  • As a manager, I must remain or become capable of acting even in times of crisis
  • How can responsiveness and implementation speed be increased?
  • How do I as a manager remain capable of acting right now?
  • What does my environment need, what do I need for it?

In this online workshop you will be enabled to prioritize your current tasks, identify options and increase your ability to act. You will receive concrete suggestions and answers to the pressing questions on the topics of management and leadership, which you will be able to implement well even in challenging and difficult times.

  • Self assurance first: Dealing with your own emotions, irritations and questions
  • Clarity in role and responsibility in stormy times
  • The current areas of tension in one's own leadership context
  • Tips for team building in a virtual context


  • In times of change, how do I fulfil my leadership role in a goal-oriented and effective way?
  • Which is better: control or trust?
  • Should leadership be consistent or flexible?
  • Should I as a leader challenge or encourage?

As a manager, you must currently master these apparent contradictions with particular accuracy and be clear and unambiguous in your understanding of leadership. To help you succeed in this balancing act, you will learn how to apply the essential management tools and methods quickly and confidently in this online workshop. Sorting and comparing your own thoughts and gaining clarity with the input helps you to fill out your leadership role in a goal-oriented and effective way.

  • You will receive current impulses on the topic of remote leadership, so that you can define the relevant rules of the game and appropriate communication with your team in order to work together smoothly and avoid unnecessary conflicts.
  • You will receive concrete suggestions and answers to the pressing questions on the topics of managment and leadership, which you can implement well even in challenging and difficult times
  • You will adapt your management tasks and your management style to the current circumstances in order to ensure the best possible cooperation under changed conditions
  • You receive hints for motivation and employee retention in challenging times


  • How do you manage to emerge stronger from crises?
  • "Stand-up men" - and what makes them stand out
  • Recognizing and leaving behind restrictive ways of thinking and acting
  • What can I specifically do to strengthen my mental immune system?

In this online workshop you will get an overview of the central pillars of resilience and learn helpful approaches for more sense, satisfaction and motivation to strengthen your mental immune system. You will get tips and survival strategies for cabin fever and homeoffice blues.

  • The RAIN method for dealing with negative emotions
  • Assistance in mastering the balancing act between empathy and goal orientation, between trust and transparency, between dictation and delegation
  • Strengthening and use of own resources as burnout prevention
  • Half full vs. half empty? Positive psychology for the crisis

In all my trainings, seminars, coachings, webinars, e-learning and blended learning courses you will experience my motto: "But of course! Security for your future business success, security in times of crisis and security through me as an experienced trainer.
I would be happy to accompany you and your managers over a longer period of time. Because sustainable success develops above all in long-term, trusting cooperations that provide security.